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Mohawks Malinois is the result of years of breeding and competing with Belgian Malinois. We breed and train Belgian Malinois that are Great Workers and can be home companions. We pride ourselves on breeding and raising stable, clear, driven Malinois.

Mohawks Malinois also offers private training for you and your partner. We’ll help you hone in your Dog Sport skills or with your Police K9 while still having fun.


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Our Mission

Create and breed a very stable companion that will get any job done and still be good around kids and other house hold animals.  Over the years we have held dogs back and been very successful placing them in the correct homes for people who don’t have the time to raise a puppy or raise one correctly..or want to risk the chance that pup won’t work out.


Mohawk John

Co Founder

Paula Daigle

Co Founder

We did our first breeding in 2005 (Tommy & Lola).  Paula kept a male (Joey) who she managed to put a Sch2 on despite a leg injury (shot at 18 mo old by neighbor).  In 2005 we purchased Outbacks Jack, an awesome puppy.  Jack had what it took: Courage, Drive and Temperament.  We competed at Regional and National Events. at that point as we had done a few breedings with Lola, one with Tommy and a couple with Ozzy we were producing hi drive Malinois with the correct temperament and kept some females back for breeding and that’s how we got our start.

Now producing many companions, SAR, Sport Dogs, Shutzhund and Ring etc.  We really took and interest in more of the Personal Protection and Police K9 training…combining the sport attitude on the obedience field with a real protector for the streets and still be a home companion with the family.


That is what we created and breed for; a very stable companion that will get any job done and still be good around kids and other household animals.  Over the years we have held dogs back and been very successful placing them in the correct homes for people who don’t have the time to raise a puppy or raise one correct or want to risk the chance that pup won’t work out.  We have sold many green/untrained dogs and fully trained protection and Police K9’s.

I have been in the sport of Schutzhund for 20 years and Paula 15.  We have been very active in the sport competing at club, Regional, National and World Competitions.

Our club “Motor City Working Dogs” is an active Schutzhund and Police K9 club hosting both club trials and 3 Nationals Events.  We have also hosted numerous seminars.

We started in the sport with Rottweilers and German Shepherds and along the years we really started watching the Belgian Malinois gain in popularity.

We purchased our first Malinois in 2002. Giltedge Glad ot Vitosha (Tommy) which he had a Sch1 on him. I (John) continued to train him managing to get his Sch2 and 25 Sch3 titles on him at Club, Regional, Nationals and World Championships. That allowed both of us along the way to meet a lot of good trainers and really study the breed characteristics.

In 2003 we purchased Lola (female Malinois), in 2004 we purchased Falcon Regulus (Ozzy) which was Paula’s first Belgian Malinois at the age of 2 which she competed with him at Club, Regional and Nationals events.

In 2010 we moved from Michigan to Bowling Green, Kentucky where we bought 20 acres and are in the process of building a new home/training center.

We will continue to breed and hold a few dogs back for training as young/green, family protective, fully trained protection dogs, both single and dual purpose k9’s as we feel the need for departments to really know what they are getting; the correct age, seeing the parents, knowing what the young dog ate as nutrition is so important.  We feed raw food: chicken, beef, veggies, eggs, yogurt etc; the stuff you don’t get out of a bag which is so important for a young growing dog.  Then they switch over to a high quality kibble.

So take your time to browse around on our website and feel free to Contact Us if you have any questions. Also check back for frequent updates.


Mohawk John and Paula


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